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Themis Integrity Evaluation Ltd (TIE,中文名称:泰美斯诚信评价有限公司) is a number of senior experts in the field of credit risk control and receivables collection, registered in the  Republic of Seychelles, dedicated to solve the credit risk and receivables recovery problems for enterprises around the world.With years of rich experience and the most sophisticated global network, TIE has become a partner of many companies worldwide in the field of credit risk control and accounts receivable collection.Dedicated to become the most professional global credit risk control and receivables collection service provider in the industry, TIE professionals keep up with the world economic pattern and provide credit risk guarantee and receivables collection services for enterprises in more than 100 countries around the world, so as to establish more successful, more benign and more dynamic business exchanges for them.TIE's professional services and solutions help enterprises make scientific credit risk decisions and effectively reduce the risk of receivables in domestic trade and overseas markets.

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All members of tie take their own conscience, personality, faith, health and life oath: abide by the principle of good faith, the bottom line of morality, the bottom line of social responsibility, laws and ice8000 standards to handle cases.


If tie members violate the oath, how to complain about tie


If tie members violate the above oath, they are willing to bear legal responsibility, credit responsibility and industry self-discipline responsibility in addition to being tortured by their own conscience. For complaint methods, please visit the world credit organization [WCO] complaint website: 。 Submit your complaint request, complaint reason, contact person, contact number, e-mail, etc.


The world credit organization [WCO] is an international organization with high credibility. It does not protect the mistakes of its members, and is fast, efficient and fair. If your organization and relevant personnel believe that we have violated the principle of integrity, the bottom line of ethics, the bottom line of social responsibility, laws and ice8000 standards, please complain to the world credit organization [WCO].


After making a complaint through the above website, you will get the complaint number and query password. The complainant has the right to view the handling of the complaint and obtain a written reply. The Executive Council of the world credit organization [WCO] promises to file a case within two working days and give feedback for the first time within five working days. In addition, the complainant may be rewarded with cash or credit service vouchers.


Oath of Conscience